Posted on 04-06-2008
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It seems that Dell are to follow Asus and produce a mini-PC.  Michel Dell was spotted carrying the device recently, and Dell subsequently released pictures on its blog.  It is still not clear what size screen it will have or what the operating system will be.

Dell mini-laptop 

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Posted on 04-06-2008
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At the moment I am reading for the JC; essentially sitting in a room and reading the exam paper to a student.  This must be costing the Dept of Education a fortune – in our school we have about 18 such persons employed.
Is there not a technological solution; could the department not give students entitled to a reader a iPod with the paper recorded.  When the student wants the question read they simply listen to the appropriate track.  At the end of the exam the iPod is handed up.  The student could stay in the main exam hall, and there would be no need for all these extra readers to be employed.
Would this be easier and cheaper?

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