Posted on 13-06-2008
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Eee PCI have to say, I love my Asus Eee PC.  I have the 4G version released in in late 2007 – formely called the Eee701.  Although it ships with Linux, I have WinXP running and Office installed and it works great.  This obviously takes most of the HD space, so all my work files and some programs are stored on a 16GB SD card I put in the side of the machine.  This works seemlessly, and actually it’s great to be able to take out the SD card and slot in into another machine if I need to work on a file there. 

Unquestionably the best thing about the Eee is it’s portablilty.  It is actually tiny, it is smaller than any text book, and is so easy to carry around.  Because it is a solid state drive it loads up very quickly, so I can carry it to class, it boots in seconds and I can plug in a data projector and I’m off.  Lugging a larger laptop around and the hassle of waiting for it to boot was putting me off using IT in class (I have to move rooms a lot).  The other great thing about the Eee PC, and this may sound silly, is the length of the power cord.  It’s huge, but it means that if the battery is going, I can always reach a socket.  I can absolutely envisage a time when every kid will have their Ultra-PC in school.  Effectively they are not much bigger than a calculator.

There has been some advances since the version I had came out.  Asus now sell the 4G version, with Linux or with WinXP.  You can also get a 4GB SD card included in the Windows version.

Asus last month also released their 900 series Eee in the UK, other releases around Europe are at the end of this month.  The Windows version, EeePC 900 Win, has 12GB SSD, 1GB of RAM and comes with Microsoft Works installed.  The Linux version, EeePC 900, has 20GB SSD.  The dimensions of this release are only slightly larger than previously (5mm).  The screen is now larger 8.9″, it was 7″ previously.  Other upgrades include the camera, now 1.3M.  The processor also now clocks faster, and there is a multitouch touchpad.  There has been concern about the battery shipping with the 900 series; in the UK they shipped with smaller batteries than in the US.  Asus are now upgrading the batteries for £10.

The EeePC 901 was also unveiled this month – it has the same dimensions as the 900 series, but will have a superior processor and bluetooth.  There may be a drop in price for the 700 and the 900 series when this is released.  The 1000 series will feature a larger screen, larger hard drive and a larger keyboard for more comfortable typing.

I think I’ll hold tough for a while and see how much the 901 retails at, there seem little point in forking out for the 900, with the 901 so close.  It will be interesting to see what happens the price of the 700 series when the 901 is released - some are predicting a price as low as €120.  If it is, buy it.

Places to buy Asus EeePCs in Ireland – there are more, but these popped into my search engine:

The Eee 900 is currently retailing at about 450 euro, although I saw one for 400 euro. may offer cheaper.

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John Hegarty on 3 July, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

I have a eeepc 701 as well and reckon it is a terrific wee machine. Going to buy a 901 when they are available. Bought mine from

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